Saturday, April 26, 2008

Too few and far between...

More than another month has gone by without a blog....what happened to my weekly routine?? Unfortunately things haven't been going as smoothly as I would have liked and to sit down and write about it hasn't improved the situation so I have been using the avoidance strategy.

It is a sunny, 18 degree day and I am in Luxembourg with the team for a race this afternoon. It is my first time here in this little country but it is a nice place to be and we are staying in their national 'Institute of Sport'....think AIS but on a much much smaller scale! We raced in Belgium on Wednesday in Fleche Wallone, a World Cup that finishes on the infamous Muur de Huy...this climb is steep steep steep and comes at the end of a hilly race which makes for a tough day. I haven't raced for several weeks after getting sick again almost as soon as I had managed to get healthy. It was a real lung opener of a race, with nerves making the heart race as much as the fast speed was. I finished the race, not overjoyed but happy enough for where my body is at the moment...and Gunnar was there at the finish which is always a treat. It was his first time in Huy to watch the race and I am pretty sure he enjoyed the atmosphere with all those crazy Belgies on the hill.

After today's race we drive straight back to Italy...I have packed my bags now for two months on the road...always a little bit of a scary thought but I am sure the good weather, food and coffee in Italy will make up for it. I am hoping that Gunnar can come down and join me in Italy after a World Cup in Switzerland next week and I can show him Novellara, but more importantly he can meet Barbie and Massimo, my good Italian friends.

I hope everyone is well :)