Sunday, December 07, 2008

Natty's Tour de Weihnachtsmaerkte

Yesterday dawned quite rainy and cold and I found myself disappointed that it wasn't snowing....rather than accepting the weather situation and enjoying the down time, I had that niggling feeling of wanting to get out and enjoy a 'real' winter.  Instead we had a quite morning and then in the afternoon headed out and about.  We drove up to Leipzig to meet some friends of Gunnar and I had my 3rd Weihnachtsmarkt experience.  In Erfurt much of the market is in the Domplatz, the piazza underneath the old, gothic style church; however in Leipzig the market ran down many streets, taking up most of the city centre.  Every street you turned down there was more stalls, more things to buy or eat :)  We stuffed ourselves on vanilla creme waffles and rahmfleck (doughy filled goodness) washed it down with Gluhwein or Feurzangbowle.  It was raining and cold but this didn't diminish the experience, instead it was great to warm up with hot drinks and feel invigorated by the crispness of the air.  It becomes dark around 4:30pm which feels strange to me considering I was in Sydney on Monday night, sitting outside at 7:30pm in daylight.  The bonus of this is that I feel like I've had a real night out by 8pm....we've already been out for hours and by then I am feeling sleepy (haven't quite gotten over the jet-lag yet).
It's been another rainy morning here but now it is clearing and the sun is trying to push its way through the clouds.  We might even go out on the bike for a bit and then head into the mountains so I can have some of my much awaited 'real' winter experience...I've seen photos of people sliding down the slopes in inner tubes and I'm thinking maybe that is the way for me to go.  I have yet to master the art of skiing, and although I've found cross-country skiing a much more successful process of skill acquisition, anyone that knows me well knows that such things are not really my forte.  My sister tried to put it as nicely as possible when she said to me, just a month or so ago, "I'm sure you'll be successful at anything you try in life, just as long as it doesn't require any skill or co-ordination." 

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