Sunday, December 28, 2008

Nordic Combination World Cup

Yesterday we were up in Oberhof to watch the Nordic Combination World Cup which is the ski-jumping and then skiing.  I always thought that people watching winter sport were very excited (or a little drunk) because they were always dancing but after 5 hours yesterday in - 6 degrees (felt a whole lot less with some windchill thrown in)...I quickly realised that people are dancing so they can retain some feeling in their extremeties!

It was great to watch, the ski-jumping is just amazing, it is soooo very steep!  Much steeper than it even looks on tv.

After a great 10 days or so with 'the group'....mum, dad, Sam, Heather, family Kaebisch and I...our group was halved.  Sam and Heather drove back to Rome today and we dropped mum and dad at the airport.  The weather was cold but sunny and we were so tempted to head back up to the mountains for some skiing but we had a quite day instead and we'll save it for tomorrow :)

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Anonymous said...

Hello from the wide brown land!
Great pics Natty. Love CB